About Me

Hi Everyone!

Let me tell you about me.

My name is Maria. I'm lucky to have a lot of titles: Wife to a wonderful man, Entrepreneur, Tech nerd, Book worm, Beauty Addict, Favorite Daughter, Favorite Sister, Favorite Auntie (noticing a pattern?) and mommy to the cutest dog in the world!

I'm a girly girl who loves all things beauty, a nail polish addict, clothes hoarder and shoe and bag collector. If it's sparkly....even better!

Then, there's the business side of me. The techy nerd who always craves the latest gadgets, the owner of 3 computers (and I still want another one), 2 smart phones, 1 book reader, etc. Best Buy and Fry's Electronics are two of my favorite places.

I'm also a book worm whose idea of a fun time is spending HOURS browsing at books at Barnes and Noble. I have a small library in my home office and, quite often, you can find my books all over my house.

I'm a lover of life and I try to make the best of everyday. I don't want to fit a certain mold. I'm me....unique and a bit quirky...but, definitely, SPARKLY! I'm a modern entrepreneur whose done the "corporate" life and now, I'm a professional, with an edge and with some style.

I'm grateful for the many blessings in my life. I look for the positive in everything. And I approach each day with enthusiasm, awaiting the lessons that I have to learn.

Welcome to my journey. I assure you, it won't be boring...and you can expect... A LOT OF SPARKLE!

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